СММ-4RP – a New Solution for Sorbent Reactivation

This February GlobeCore unveiled the new СММ-4RP unit designed for reactivation of waste sorbents.  

Adsorption refining of oil products ensures stability of their composition and helps improve the physical and chemical properties and performance. However, sorbent become saturated over time and cannot perform their function. In this case, they must be either disposed of or reactivated for further use.

The СММ-4RP unit produced by GlobeCore can recondition waste sorbents by high temperature and vacuum treatment.

The sorbent saturated with impurities is loaded into columns. The reactivation process takes about 20 hours. Upon completion of reactivation, column lids are opened, the columns turn upside down and the sorbent is offloaded.

The СММ-4RP features:

  • cuts sorbent procurement costs due to its multiple reactivation (up to 10 times);
  • reconditioned waste sorbent can be used for purification of oil product with any water content;
  • cuts the costs of oil product loss: oil removed from sorbent is collected in a special tank;
  • deactivated waste sorbent can be disposed as regular construction waste without environmental pollution.

A detailed description and specifications of СММ-4RP unit can be found here.