What affects transformer oil price?

transformer oil price

Speaking about such concept as “transformer oil price”, it is necessary to consider all possible criteria and circumstances.

Transformer oil fills power transformers and circuit breakers. It is made from crude oil, so it is quite obvious that the price of oil is influenced by the market price of “black gold”.

One of the most important properties of transformer oil is resistance to oxidation. This property is improved with the help of inhibition by antioxidant additives. Their price also affects the price of transformer oil.

An important component of transformer oil price is its production technology. It can include a combination of processes, such as:

  • Hydrocracking and catalytic dewaxing;
  • Selective treatment, hydrogenation, catalytic dewaxing;
  • Acid-alkaline purification;
  • Selective treatment, low-temperature dewaxing.

Also the price of any product, including transformer oil is affected by the cost of transportation, taxes and the percentage of profit set by the manufacturer.