Correct Processing of Waste Oils

Processing of Waste Oils

Processing of Waste Oils. Organized collection and recycling of waste oil allows to save  30% of valuable oil.

Vehicle fleet owners use regeneration systems to regenerate waste oils and significantly reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the environment. But these purification and regeneration systems are too expensive for small companies; they rely on outside services.

Discharge of waste oil without collection equipment and facilities results in health issues, environmental pollution and loss of valuable oil.

Portable regeneration units are simple and easy to use and can be purchased by any company.

Stationary regeneration stations are more convenient to use, but they can only be installed in special locations equipped with drain lines. The use of such stations is more reasonable at large facilities.

Mobile units have a number of advantages compared with stationary ones.

These mobile units can operate in virtually any vehicle fleet, both indoors and in the open air.