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What is the difference between CMM-R and UVR oil reclamation equipment?

The difference between oil reclamation equipment series CMM-R and CMM has been shown in the following table:





СММ 6Р (2)

Oil Transformer oil
  • Transformer oil
  • Turbine oil
  • Industrial oil
  • Dark fuel oil
  • Dark diesel fuel
  • Dark gas condensate
  • Mineral oil
  • Motor oil not synthetic ( possible after deleting fuel, water, hydroxy acid, carbenes and asphaltenes.)
Name of sorbent Fuller’s Earth  Palygorskite or atupulgite
Replacement of sorbent The sorbent can be used for 2 years without replacement After each circle the sorbent shall be changed
Consumption of regenerating powder 25% of sorbent be weight of oil.

4 litres of oil per 1 kg of sorbent

Fuller’s earth at acid 0,2 mg KOH/g

Sorbent in% by weight of oil:

Transformer oil 3-10

Turbine oil 5-15

Motor oil 10-25

Price More expansive Cheaper
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