Essence of Transformer Oil Treatment

The article considers main transformer oil treatment processes: filtration, degassing and dehydration. GlobeCore filtration technology keeps operating parameters of insulating oil at high level, extends service life of power transformers and increases their reliability. Transformer oil treatment consists of filtration, degassing and dehydration – that significantly improve electrical properties of oil.  It is paramount that transformers are filled with carefully filtered and dehydrated insulating liquid.  Though even fresh oil is rarely clean enough, or suitable enough to fill the high-voltage equipment.  It is often contaminated during transportation in shipping casks. Therefore, insulating liquids treatment should include removal of the following components:
  • solids;
  • free and dissolved water;
  • dissolved air.
Filtration, degassing and dehydration can increase the breakdown voltage and reduce the rate of dielectric losses of transformer oil.  As a result, power loss is reduced, oil temperature is lowered, and service life of insulation liquid and the transformer itself is strengthen.  Fig. 1 shows a direct relation of transformer oil characteristics to its moisture content.


Solution – Emulsion Pressure loss factor-insulation resistance-breakdown strength

Fig. 1.  Relation of transformer oil conditions to its moisture measurements

GlobeCore mobile transformer oil filtration plant is the most economical way to protect power equipment.  Repeatedly passing oil through a oil filtering unit cleans it up to cleanliness class 9 starting with class 13 GlobeCore filtration technologies ensure reliable and long operation of transformers!