СММ-4RP Adsorbent Regeneration (Reactivation) Unit


The СММ-4RP unit is designed for reconditioning of waste sorbents used in oil purification systems.

This equipment can be used by companies dealing with purification and regeneration of oils, diesel fuels, fuel oils and other oil products.

Components of СММ-4RP

СММ-4RP sorbent reactivation unit consists of:

  • frame;
  • columns;
  • contamination outlet system;
  • buffer tank;
  • output pump;
  • transfer pump;
  • vacuum pump;
  • compressor;
  • charcoal filter;
  • liquid trap;
  • vapor-air mixture outlet;
  • control cabinet.

Operating principle

The sorbent saturated with impurities is loaded into tilting columns. Under high temperature and vacuum, the contamination is removed from the sorbent. The impurities are directed to the liquid trap through contaminant output system, and are then pumped by transfer pump from the trap to the buffer tank. Afterwards, the liquid is pumped out of the buffer tank the output pump. The total duration of the reactivation process is about 20 hours.

Upon completion of the reactivation process, the lids of the columns are opened by pneumatic cylinders. Columns are tilted upside down and the sorbent is unloaded.

It can then be loaded into sorbent cartridges of oil purification units and reused.





1 Capacity, kg/20 hours


2 Duration of sorbent reactivation, max


3 Sorbent loss, %


4 Power consumption, kW


5 Total electric power consumption for one reactivation cycle, kW×h


6 Voltage, V

As per customer requirements

7 Type of control system



Overall dimensions, mm max

– length

– width

– height




9 Weight, kg maximum


Unit advantages

  • reduction of sorbent procurement cost. The same sorbent can be reactivated up to 10 times;
  • after reactivation, the sorbent can purify oil product with any water content;
  • reduction of waste sorbent disposal cost;
  • reduction of oil loss;
  • waste sorbent can be deactivated. After deactivation, it doesn’t contain residual oil and can be disposed as regular construction waste without environmental pollution.
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