СММ-1СO plant for preparation of cable oil

СММ-1СO plant for preparation of cable oil

Oil-filled cables are used when, for some reason, it is impossible to stretch an electric line through the air. Oil-filled cable consists of copper veins and several layers of paper insulation wrapped around the conductor. The paper is impregnated by special cable oil that also fills the voids inside a cable. Despite the fact that cable oil performs similar functions to transformer oil (insulation and heat removal), the requirements for cable oil are much higher.

Normal operation of cable lines is achieved by constantly supporting oil pressure inside a cable, by feeding the line with oil at cable terminals. Generally it is performed by pressure tanks.

Oil-filled cable lines are serviced by oil facilities, which include:

  • storage tanks for cable oil;
  • oil regeneration (cleaning) units;
  • oil degassing units;
  • equipment for oil filling at cable joints.

Correct use of CMM-1CO

GlobeCore CMM-1CO is designed for degassing, dehydration and cleaning of cable oils from mechanical impurities. After treatment on CMM-1CO plant cable oil can be fed to pressure tanks.

Technical characteristics of CMM-1CО

Parameter Value
1 Processing rate, m3/hour 1
2 Processed oil parameters:
– volumetric gas content, below, % 0,05
– moisture content by weight, below g/t 5
– filtration fineness, mkm 5
3 ISO 4406 industrial purity, min -/13/10 (8)
4 Oil heater power, kW 18
5 I power consumption, kW 30
6 Dimensions, mm max
– length 2460
– width 1530
– hight 1730
7 Electric power supply parameters 380
8 Weight, kg max 1800

Advantages of cable oil degassing plant СММ-1СО

CMM-1CO has the following advantages:

  • processes cable oil through thermal vacuum degassing and filtration;
  • increases reliability of operation of oil-filled cables;
  • fully automatic processing;
  • easy to maintain and operate;
  • made of stainless steel;
  • stationary (in a container, on a frame, under a tent), and mobile (on wheels, on a trailer) design.