Oil Purification Plants with High Vacuum Degasifier

high Vacuum Degasifier

The GlobeCore High Vacuum Degasifier is a valuable asset for any energy sector service company.

It consists of a two stage vacuum degasifier facility (vacuum pump and vacuum booster), a 1 micron filter and a low density oil heater (1.2 W/cm²) that allows it to reduce gas content from fully saturated with air (10 to 12% by volume) to less than 0.1% (ASTM D-2945).  It can dissolve and remove water down to 5 ppm and remove 99.9 % of particulate matter from the transformer insulating oil in a single pass.

Additionally, GlobeCore High Vacuum Degasifiers can be used for the treatment of cable oil, turbine oil and other industrial oils.  Optional equipment includes PLC, moisture probes, Fuller’s Earth system (disposable and re-usable).

For either on site and/or remote location treatment of transformers, GlobeCore High Vacuum equipment are mounted on single axle trailers, tandem axle trailers, or semi-trailers with operator’s and laboratory compartments.  An optional electric generator can be installed that allows independent operation if an external power supply is not available.

CMM-1(n) Vacuum Degasifier СММ 4 (СММ6)
 GlobeCore CMM 1 m3/h  GlobeCore CMM 4 m3/h
УВМ 10-10
 GlobeCore CMM 10 m3/h 


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