Bv Vacuum Unit

BV Series Vacuum Systems


Vacuum Pump Units of the BV series are designed for puling vacuum on the transformer tank. The high vacuum ensures that all air pockets are removed from the paper insulation so that the dielectric insulting oil penetrates all of the paper insulation, creating a better dielectric-insulating environment.  Vacuum Pump Units can also be used together with Oil Purification Units and High Vacuum Degasifiers during installation or retro filling of transformers.


The BV-2 is a double stage Vacuum System consisting of a Vacuum Pump, a Vacuum Booster, pipes, connections and a control panel.

Vacuum Pump: Rotary vane positive displacement pump.

Vacuum Booster: Rotary-piston pump.

A Vacuum Pump is used to create rough vacuum and Vacuum Booster creates high vacuum.
Such combination of pumps and booster ensures a high production vacuum capacity allowing to reach ultimate pressure of 0.001 mbar.

Available Models


Vacuum Block controll panel_1