Mobile Vessel for Transformer Oil

Over extended periods, reservoirs and storage tanks were used for transportation and storage of transformer oil.  But, this equipment lacked mobility   and was considered the main disadvantage.  Usually, many operators and sometimes special equipment had to be involved to perform such operations.  That is why preference is now given to flexible mobile tanks for transformer oil transporting and short term storage. Usually, they are made of flexible materials that render it possible to compress it after an oil discharge to save production space.  Moreover, it is much easier to move these tanks than those made of metal.  The surface of flexible tanks is cold-resistant so they may be filled with oil even at low temperatures.  Outwardly, a flexible tank looks like a huge pillow, filled with transformer oil through a special hole which is closed with a valve, preventing oil spillage. It should be noted, that small flexible tanks weigh several times less than metal ones so they may be easily transported from one place to another without the need for special equipment.  Sometimes, mobility is very important when collecting waste oil from different places. To solve such tasks, GlobeCore has developed the CFU purification unit that consists of a special mobile tank. This machine allows for:
  • processing of oil collected at different sites of the production facilities;
  • extension of insulating oil’s service life; and
  • time and labor cost savings.