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Oil Filtration – from Automotive Industry to Energy Business

First use of oil filters to clean engine oil from mechanical impurities which make oil into a mixture that gradually corrodes the surface of cylinders, piston rings, bearings in engines, recently takes new turns at a higher technological level. Companies acquire cleaning systems not only for drainage or pipes, but also for the transformer liquid.

Until mid-twenties the engine oiling system did not have filters and oil had to be replaced every 700-800 miles. Capacity of engines equipped with filters, immediately increased almost threefold, while the demand for oil has decreased tenfold.

The same is in the production of “oil” units. Technology does not stand still, the continuous development leads to intellectual aging of old technology, with not yet finished service life. Its potential can increase with using modern fuel mixtures and filtration and oil recycling and oil reclamation of transformer oils.

Oil filter – is a device that cleans motor, gear, lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids (fluids for automatic gearboxes, hydraulic fluid for the power steering) from contaminants. Fuel filters operate in the same manner.

Various types of such filters (mechanical, gravitational, centrifugal, magnetic) retain to a different extent smaller or larger particles containing in oil.

Depending on the purpose of filtration, from cleaning of contaminants to degassing or removing moisture, different types of treatment installations are used. However, to achieve the full effect and avoid contaminated oil getting into transformer, and to avoid further damage – it is best to use equipment that provides a complete cleaning cycle of oil from vacuum cleaning to fine filtration.

Mobile units are designed to filter oil before operation, servicing small volume transformers using different filtration stages.

GlobeCore provides a large assortment of oil purifiers, operating in 70 countries and provides competent advice in selecting the right systems and software.

Filters are an integral part of a car, thus they are becoming an integral part of everyday life. The motorists advice us to respect technology. Something that is tested by time – would benefit you.