Package Transformer Substations (PTS)

Package Transformer Substations

Package Transformer Substations. A transformer substation increases or decreases voltage, distributing electric power. Such substations usually include a power transformer, distribution devices, auxiliary structures, control and protection devices. There are step up or step down substations depending on what they do with voltage.

Substations are manufactured by specialized factories. After the order, the substation is shipped to the installation site. It usually comes assembled, although partial shipments are also possible. Special literature often refers to these units as packaged transformer substations or PTS, which is what the substations are referred to when they come as single units.

Indoor substations are placed inside structures. Outdoor substations are located in the open air. There are also built-in substations, but these are only constructed in skyscrapers and large structures.

The following factors must be considered when installing transformer substations:

  • planned loads;
  • secondary and primary voltage and frequency;
  • equipment necessary;
  • climate.

Costs should also be calculated, as transformer substations are not cheap to install. Installation is not the only expense: operation also requires investment.