Processing Oil by Filtration

The article reveals the essence of transformer oil processing by means of filtration, using filter presses with “filter elements” retaining  contaminants. This method has its advantages and disadvantages. GlobeCore mobile transformer oil filtration equipment is designed with advanced filtering technology for a high degree of purification. For a long time a plate and frame filter press was used for oil filtration. Structurally, it consisted of a set of frames and plates, with filtering material between them.  Initially, the plates and frames had holes which when assembled formed channels for oil passage.  Oil was forced through filtering material by oil pumps. To control the flow, a pressure gauge was used to indicate oil pressure in the filter press. Cardboard was widely used as a filter material. Also used as types of filters were cotton and nylon fabrics The disadvantages of filter presses are their low capacity and frequent replacement of filtering materials. Furthermore, the construction of it allowed air get into oil, which led to oxidation.  For a long time people turned a blind eye to these disadvantages, since there was  no alternative. The situation changed with recent new technologies. GlobeCore Company is one of the leading manufacturers of filtration, purification and reclamation  equipment of different types of oil.  GlobeCore filtration plants have no disadvantages.  They clean oil to cleanliness class 9 starting from class 13 due to multiple passes through the oil filtering unit. The oil moisture content decreases to 10 g/t and the filtering fineness amounts to 5 microns. GlobeCore filtration technologies for transformer oil:
  • eliminate  mechanical impurities settling on inner winding and magnetic circuit;
  • reduce appearance of emulsified water in oil;
  • prevent occurrence of slime on the transformer’s inner structure;
  • improve cooling efficiency and heat removal;
  • slow down corrosive processes, destroying insulation with the increase of temperature.
Regular filtering of transformer oil helps to extend its service life and reliable operation of electrical equipment.  GlobeCore provides modern filtration technologies for different oil facilities!