The Turkish Delegation Has Сhecked the Readiness of Equipment for Commissioning

GlobeCore Welcomes Potential as Well as Current Customers to Visit its Production Facilities. This fact has found a further confirmation when the Turkish delegation came to visit GlobeCore on April, 27. This delegation consisted of the employees of Andritz Hydro LTD. ST who were the customers and the staff of General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, Dams and HEPP Department. The main aim of the visit was to check the process of production of the CMM-8.0 unit. The works were carried out within the frame of the ILISU HEPP Project. General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works is the main investing institution of Turkey, responsible for development, planning, regulation and servicing natural resources.  Project management, construction and servicing of hydroelectric power stations are also among its functions. Hydro turbine is considered to be the heart of the hydroelectric stations. Turbine oils serve as lubricating material for bearings and reduction gears of these turbines. High-quality turbine oil has to meet a wide range of requirements that include:
  • viscosity rate;
  • antioxidant properties;
  • resistance to thermal oxidation;
  • high anticorrosion properties;
  • high demulsifying ability;;
  • good water separability;
  • high antiwear properties;
  • high anti-form properties.
But during servicing, turbine oils are affected by a wide range of negative factors such as gasses and gaseous products, water and mechanical impurities. As a result, oil gets old and loses its performance characteristics. The GlobeCore CMM-8.0 unit is designed for degassing, dehydration and filtration of turbine oils. The application of such kind of equipment allows for oil’s service life extension and cost reduction on the new oil purchase. The Turkish delegation has controlled the equipment testing that showed the readiness of the CMM-8.0 for operation. The signing of the Work Completion Certificate was the logical result of this visit. We had also a great opportunity to communicate with the employee of Andritz Hydro LTD – Irsad Akaydin. That’s what he said: “We have arrived at the GlobeCore production facilities to test the equipment. Everything was great. I haven’t heard about GlobeCore  technology before that’s why we gained great experience visiting this company. We are also very happy to have visited production shops and got acquainted with the peculiarities of the works carried out”.