Transformer Oil Operation

The quality of transformer oil is crucial when operating transformers and oil-operated circuit breakers.  At industrial enterprises, transformer oil helps to isolate voltage-carrying units of the power equipment, protect the insulation from moisture and to provide heat transfer. The condition and the quality of transformer oil are determined by chemical, mechanical, and electrical characteristics such as (1) acidity; (2) the content of water, mechanical impurities and weighted coal; (3) viscosity; (4) flash point; (5) breakdown voltage, (5) and dielectric dissipation factor. The oxygen in the air has a negative impact on transformer oil.  This impact may be intensified by such factors as sunlight and temperature extremes both high and low. The “Acid Neutralization” number indicates the amount of potassium hydroxide, required to neutralize all free acids in oil. The flash point and viscosity are also classified as important performance characteristics.  The flash point shows the temperature needed for oil vapours to be ignited.  This characteristic should not go below the specified values. Otherwise, the increased temperature may cause oil inflammation.  The viscosity should be relatively small to ensure a proper circulation of oil product. The mechanical impurities have a negative impact on transformer oil quality.  They can be generated as a result of dissolving paints, varnishes or an arching process. A significant impact of mechanical impurities consists in reducing the dielectric strength of oil.  The performance indexes of insulating liquid is determined by its color, which can be changed while operating.  The initial product is light yellow, but it gets dark brown because of negative impacts caused by contaminants and impurities. Each complete overhaul of oil-filled equipment should be followed by an oil analysis.  The time between periodic testing is reduced if transformer oil is exposed to unfavourable conditions (high temperature or humid climate). The oil should be regenerated if the qualitative characteristics do not match the specified values. GlobeCore mobile oil stations are designed for purification, filtration and regeneration of oil. This is a list of some of the different types of systems offer by GlobeCore: (1) CMM; (2) CFU; (3) MCU; and (4) CMM. This equipment helps to restore performance characteristics to dieclectric oil, hydraulic fluid, and other industrial oils.