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Universal Oil Reclamaton of Transformer Oil from GlobeCore

The service life of a transformer to a greater extent depends on the life of insulation system. Transformer oil or oily mixture are widely used as liquid insulation and solid insulation (cellulose production). Still 80% of transformer strength depends on oil. Most breakdowns occur not only because of aging of engine, but because of oxidation of insulation system. Oil is typically affected by oxygen, water, temperature and solid particles dissolved in oil. Subsequently, interaction of unstable particles, oxygen, moisture and such accelerator as heat leads to aging of oil.

With regular regeneration the use of insulating oil can be extended for an indefinite period of time with full restoration of its properties.

GlobeCore and other leading companies engaged in design and production of “oil” systems, offer a reliable solution to this problem: saving costs for removal and disposal of transformer oil by reusing it.

GlobeCore systems are universal. Their technique involves cleaning and filtration and regeneration of all types of industrial lubricating oil directly at the facility. Mobility and compact size of installation allows for easily transportation and movement around the factory to be connected to different transformers.

Each installation is manufactured with individual characteristics specified by the customer. Tight deadlines, prompt delivery and fast start up are added bonuses of GlobeCore.

Fuel, oil cleaning systems UVR from GlobeCore provide the best and the most effective degree of reclamation and recovery of oils during production and storage.