What to Do with Waste Oil?

Waste oil is petroleum oil, which was produced from crude oil, and contaminated to the degree which makes further use impossible.  Such pollution is the result of the impact of negative factors.  Oil can’t be used for its intended purpose after the deterioration of its operational properties.  That fact forces the search for possible ways of extending its life cycle.

The need for proper handling of waste oil is caused by its increased danger for the environment and a human body.  Even crude oil can’t be compared with waste oil by this indicator, because waste oil contains substances like resins, carbenes, asphaltenes, and other polyolefins.  Unauthorized discharge or burning entails the pollution of soil and water and causes human diseases of varying severity.  One liter of waste oil which in some way has got into a body of water contaminates one million liters of water.

The idea of waste oil recycling comprises removal of water, metal chips and other contaminants from oil by means of special techniques.  This makes it possible to reuse processed oil.

Disposal by incineration is not a completely safe technology, so it can be carried out only under conditions that fully comply with safety standards.

Recycling of waste is also possible to obtain oil fuel.  Production of valuable raw materials requires the use of such processes as oil filtration, distillation and oil purification with bleaching clays. Some refiners successfully use such feedstock to produce gasoline.

Oil reclaiming can be considered as one of the ways of waste oil disposal.  This process is aimed at improving the operational parameters of oil products to standardized values, which allows their subsequent use for their intended purpose.  From the economic and environmental point of view oil reclaiming is more preferable than incineration or processing in order to obtain oil feedstock.  This technology extends oil service life, which significantly reduces the amount of waste oil, eliminates the need for recycling and reduces production facilities that are necessary to store waste products.  In addition, it saves significant funds needed for the purchase of fresh oil.

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