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СММ-2,2 plant was started up in Jizan

August 8, 2017 our company’s operation personnel performed commissioning and adjustment of the CMM-2.2 unit  in  Jizan (Saudi Arabia).

This equipment is multifunctional, since in addition to cleaning insulating oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases, it also heats electric equipment with hot oil and vacuum drys power transformers. The plant’s capacity in drying and filtration mode, is 2.2 m3 / h, and in  degassing mode – 1.5 m3 / h.

Multiple oil passage through a CMM-2,2 unit provides oil purity with total gas content below  0.5% (at the initial 10.5%) and mass moisture content below 10 g / t (at the initial 50 g / t).

In order to assure easy movement both between transformers and electrical substations, the equipment is containerized and mounted on a single axle trailer.

Additional questions regarding this CMM-2.2 plant can be asked by contacting our managers  on the  contacts link.

A seminar on purification and regeneration of industrial oils will be held in Oldenburg on 27 September

Dear customers and partners! GlobeCore GmbH invites you to attend a seminar on purification and regeneration of industrial oils, which will take place on September 27 in Oldenburg (Germany).

Seminar program:

11: 00-11: 45 – Discussion of the influence of oil aging processes on the efficiency and operation of power transformers;

11: 45 – 11:55 – Short break;

11:55 – 13:00 – Report on ” GlobeCore  oil  regeneration unit CMM-R “;

13: 00-14: 45 – Long break;

14:45 – 16:30 – Demonstration of a CMM-R oil regeneration unit. After the demonstration there will be a question and answer session.

We will accept the applications for the seminar until September 1, 2017 at

Zimbabwe. Annual presentations of GlobeCore equipment

June 8, this year a number of presentations on GlobeCore equipment was held in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe).

It was only last year in August that similar presentations were held in the capital of Zimbabwe- Harare. Then, not all the representatives from Zimbabwe electrical industry could be present at the presentations. This called for a new opportunity for more participants to attend.

Traditionally, GlobeCore presented its equipment for cleaning and regenerating different mineral oils, as well as equipment for vacuum treating and drying transformers. The most interest were  given to mobile and stationary regeneration plants. The presentation was supported with a practical demonstration of a laboratory UVR unit that cleaned the samples of contaminated industrial oils

GlobeCore is grateful to all participants for their interest and assistance in organizing the events, and is sure that these presentations will further constructive cooperation.

Equipment commissioning in Finland

May 31, our company technical team completed the works under the contract on production, delivery and commissioning of a CMM-4/7 unit in Finland (Helsinki).

This equipment is designed for businesses that repair and install high-voltage oil-filled equipment. The first transformer it services was a 400 MVA  transformer.

Operating modes of the unit

CMM-4/7 operates in three modes. Each  mode performs a certain set of functions:

  • “Degassing mode” consists of an automatic warm-up of the unit; heating oil to a set temperature, filtration and degassing ;
  • “Heating and filtration” consists of heating and filtration of oil without degassing in a vacuum column
  • “Manual mode” involves a diagnosis of good condition of units components, i.e.  valves, pumps, etc.

CMM-4/7 processing rate

The unit can treat any transformer oil with viscosity below 70 cSt at 50 ° C. The processing rate in degassing mode, is 4 m3 / h, and in heating and filtration mode  is 7 m3 / h.

Processed oil parameters:

  • Volumetric gas content – below 0.1%;
  • Moisture content by weight – below 10 g / t;
  • ISO 4406 industrial purity class   – / 14/12;
  • Mechanical impurities content – below 8 g / t;
  • Filtration fineness is 5 μm.

Additional Features

TSS (Transformer Security System). is provided to monitor the oil level in a transformer.   It protects a transformer from oil leaks or breaking of hoses.

CMM-4/7 and CMM-12R installed and commissioned in Botswana

21-31 of May, GlobeCore team conducted a commissioning of 2 units in Botswana.

Now in Gaborone are operating 2 oil regeneration units – CMM-4/7 and CMM-12R. CMM-4/7 solves the problems of degassing, drying and cleaning from mechanical impurities of insulating oils. This unit heats oil before refilling 1150 kV power transformers with it, It also vacuum dries and evacuates transformers. The processing rate in degassing mode is 4 m3 / h, and in heating and filtration mode is 7 m3 / h.

CMM-12R is designed for processing insulating oils and for maintenance of transformers.

Processing of insulating oils includes:

  • Removal of dissolved gases in oil;
  • Removal of free and dissolved water;
  • Removal of solid particles;
  • Removal of oil decay products.

Transformer service includes:

  • Vacuum treatment  of  transformer;
  • Heating of transformer active parts with hot oil;
  • Removal of sludge.

Pakistan. CMM-4/7 successfully starts its work

May 13, 2017, another GlobeCore plant was successfully put into operation.

In Lahore (Pakistan), a CMM-4/7 unit serviced the power transformers through heating, drying, cleaning, degassing and nitriding of the insulating oil. This equipment can provide ISO 4406 cleanliness class – / 14/12 of industrial oil. It also achieves moisture content  by weight below  5 g / t, and the volumetric gas content 0.1%.

GlobeCore transformer oil purification systems extend the service life of power transformers and reduce financial costs. More detailed technical characteristics of this equipment can be found here.

GlobeCore held a presentation in Ecuador on May 3-4

May 3-4, in Quito (Ecuador) GlobeCore together with Tcontrol S.A. organized and held a seminar on modern technologies for cleaning and regeneration of mineral oils, fuels and other petroleum products.

The event was part of a series of presentations held by GlobeCore. in order to raise the awareness of managers and specialists in the energy, fuel, chemical and petrochemical industries. It was also aimed at finding new partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. The seminar was attended by the representatives of different countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

The first day was focused on GlobeCore. equipment in general and the CMM-12R- regeneration plant in particular. This unit was commissioned in Quito in August last year and continues to successfully regenerate transformer oil. Finally, the discussion with questions and answers was held on CMM-12R features and capacity.

The second day discussed a possible technical and commercial cooperation on an individual basis.

The event has reached its goals. Our company has established new partnerships, and showed new opportunities  and new equipment GlobeCore  equipment to conference guests.

CMM-0,6 unit is ready for transformer maintenance in Saudi Arabia

April 23 – 27, GlobeCore technical team visited Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

The purpose of this trip was commissioning of a CMM-0,6 oil purification unit. This equipment cleans insulating oil from mechanical impurities, water and gases.

The unit’s components are assembled in a closed container and mounted on a single-axle trailer. The container has flap doors on the sides, and a hinged door at the back. They are all designed to simplify access and ventilation. In the upper front of the container there is a storage compartment for accessories and inventory.

A distinguishing feature of this unit is an additional equipment – a TSS system that safely connects an oil cleaning unit to an energized transformer.

CMM-4/7 started up in Estonia

April 10, 2017 GlobeCore specialists started up a CMM-4/7 unit in Tallinn (Estonia).

This equipment is used by business engaged in installation, repair and operation of power transformers for degassing and filtration of insulating oil. Also, the units can be used to heat oil-filled electrical appliances with hot oil, for vacuum dehydration and evacuation of transformers.

CMM-4/7 thermal vacuum processing obtains the following oil parameters:

  • moisture content  by weight below 5 g / t;
  • filtration  fineness below 5 microns;
  • volumetric gas content below 0.1%;
  • dielectric strength, minimum 70 kV.

By choosing a CMM-4/7 unit you get a compact, easy-to-maintain and operate equipment that can be used effectively at the site. Please receive consultation by contacting our managers at corresponding page of our site.

Start up of equipment in Indonesia

February 15 this year GlobeCore equipment was started up in Gresik (Indonesia).

This time the CMM-0.6M oil purification plant was put into operation. This equipment is designed to clean insulating oils from water and mechanical impurities and can be used in installation, repairs and operation of power transformers.

The main difference of an CMM-0,6M plant from other equipment is its ability to process oil on energized transformers. This option is available with a TSS transformer safety system. The system monitors an oil level in a tank and when oil exceeds the specified limits (set by the operator) it disconnects a transformer from an oil purification plant.

TSS is a universal safety system. Firstly, it connects the cleaning, filtration and regeneration equipment to a transformer. Secondly, it can be used with equipment of various manufacturers. An operator having basic skills can connect the TSS system to transformer in just 5 minutes. At customer’s request, TSS can be equipped with a GSM-application, which allows a remote control of equipment rom any computer, PC, or smartphone.

Start up of equipment in Indonesia

Start up of equipment in Indonesia

Start up of equipment in Indonesia

Start up of equipment in Indonesia

Start up of equipment in Indonesia