Mobile Gearbox Oil Changer

The CMM-G unit is designed for a three-stage process of changing oil in wind turbine gearboxes (draining old oil, flushing the gearbox and filling it with new oil). The unit allows for quick and efficient servicing of wind turbine oil system. The unit can be used for servicing wind turbines made by many different manufacturers. The CMM-G can also heat clean oil.


In the regeneration process, the products of aging and acids are removed from the oil; the oil’s color is improved, along with oxidation stability and gas solubility.
Capacity - 4000 l/h

Oil purification

GlobeCore engineers insist that one process can address the issues above — Silicone Oil Recycling. Our team has developed a new machine for Silicone Dielectric Oil purification. Its great advantages are compact size and efficiency.

Transformer Vacuumizing Units

The BV vacuum unit is a double stage vacuum system. The first
stage creates preliminary vacuum up to 0.5 mbar. It is equipped
with a rotary vane vacuum pump. The second stage brings
vacuum to 0.01 mbar. This stage is equipped with a Roots vacuum

Continuous Oil Heaters

The PPM continuous oil heater is designed for heating of
transformer oil during filling or change of the oil and drying of
transformers. The unit can heat mineral, industrial, turbine and other
oil types.
The unit can be used in transformer manufacturing and servicing
facilities, power plants and oil processing facilities.

Oil Reactivation Units

The unit is designed for reactivation of sorbent (Fuller’s earth,
bleaching clay), used in regeneration columns of oil reactivation
After reactivation, the sorbent can be reused for oil regeneration.

Mohave Heat Air Drying Units

The Mohave Heat is designed for purging of transformer tanks and electrical systems with hot dry air to prevent moisturizing of windings during transformer
servicing or assembly.

Vacuum Degassing Units

The secret of the high efficiency of GlobeCore units are activators
which promote near-instant release of gases and evaporation
of water from oil.
The UVM units are equipped with a special oil heater which prevents oil burning due to low mean surface power and prevents
oil overheating after the machine is stopped.


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About GlobeCore

GlobeCore GmbH is one of the world leaders in industrial manufacturing. Products of GlobeCore are used in transformer oil purification and degassing, insulation oil filtration, power transformer vacuuming.
The head office is located in Oldenburg, Germany. Our systems have been supplied to and are successfully operated in 70 countries. A network of 17 dealers supports global sales and services.GlobeCore established representative offices in United States, and South Africa and in United Arab Emirates to extend reach and improve efficiency. We actively expand production and sales territories, develop our infrastructure and introduce new additional services.
GlobeCore is a member of American Wind Energy Association The production facility is equipped in compliance with international industry standards: it features robotic plasma metal cutters, automated welding systems and modern PLC controlled machinery.
The engineering staff systematically develops new oil purification equipment and improves existing product lines. GlobeCore produces hundreds of units annually and each product is thoroughly tested at the company’s testing facility.Hundreds of grateful letters and comments from our clients confirm that we are moving in the right direction. During the company’s long life we have established numerous contacts and created a vast network of return clients. And we are not stopping. GlobeCore is open for potential consumers and extends an invitation to all to visit our facility.

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