GlobeCore participated in the largest electrical industry exhibition in Latin America

November 29 to December 1, GlobeCore promoted its equipment at one of the largest electrical industry exhibitions in Latin America – Feria Internacional del Sector Eléctrico 2017.

This event was held in Medellin, Colombia and gathered over 300 participants and 10,000 guests who visited the exhibition pavilions in three days. The GlobeCore exhibition stand displayed to everyone the technologies of processing industrial oils, which  are implemented in the equipment manufactured by our company. In particular, the GlobeCore stand presented a CMM-0,6 unit as a example of a compact and maneuverable equipment for insulating oil processing.

Also, as part of participation in the Feria Internacional del Sector Eléctrico 2017, the GlobeCore spokesman Jose Mora held a seminar on the application of regeneration technologies for oil recovery  in the power industry. It was attended by representatives of Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador, Panama and other countries.

In general, the exhibition Feria Internacional del Sector Eléctrico 2017 resulted in interesting communication with participants and visitors, which allowed GlobeCore to establish new and strengthen existing business contacts in Latin America.