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Oil-Reclamation-Oil-Regeneration workshop


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If you have registered for the seminar, we will book a hotel room for you, in one of the hotels with which we cooperate. These hotels are located in the city center.
We will inform you immediately about the booking so you can plan your arrival. On the day of the seminar, we will meet you and provide transportation.

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Workshop program:

  •         09.27.2017 at 11:00 – Topic: Oil aging influence on a transformer
  •         11:45 short break
  •         11:55 – Topic: GlobeCore GmbH – Oil regeneration system CMM-R
  •         End of Part 1 at 13:00
  •         Long break with all-you-can-eat buffet
  •         14:45 further  presentation in the GlobeCore GmbH presentation hall
  •         End of the Part 2 and return back to the hotel at 16:3

What to do with waste engine oil?

Regular changing of motor oil is the harsh reality for modern automobiles.  This operation can be performed at special service stations; however, many drivers prefer to do it on their own. It is not difficult, but it is associated with certain inconveniences, including the problem of waste oil disposal.

A car owner who does not know better can get the immediate idea to pour waste oil right on the ground or in a nearby pond.  Some drivers fill jerry cans with old oil and just throw them into containers with household waste. Please note that you must never do this!  Waste oil products are hazardous waste and may cause irreparable harm to the environment.

One of the possible ways to get rid of used motor oil is cooperation with companies that specialize in disposal and recycling of oily waste.  One can find a list of such companies in special information catalogs or on the Internet.  In general, there are a lot of those wishing to buy waste oil for a small fee.  It is purchased for future use as boiler fuel.  In the case of proper filtering, engine oil can be reused where there are no high demands on the quality of lubricant.

In everyday life, waste oil can be used for anti-corrosion treatment of cars, wood protection by putrefaction, processing of metal pipes, gasoline or electric saw chain lubrication.  Waste oil is widely used for heating. Impregnation of firewood with waste oil can improve combustion and heat transfer.

There are also furnaces designed for using waste oil as their main fuel.  Such devices are usually used for heating of garages, small workshops or non-residential premises.  These furnaces have a clear advantage: the fuel that they utilize is almost free.  But at the same time they require strict compliance with safety regulations, because ignoring basic precautions may cause combustion product poisoning.

Factory boilers are much safer.  They are designed to use liquid fuel, including waste motor oil.  Their only disadvantage is the need to be installed in rooms isolated from living space.


Everything you need for your power transformers and hydraulic equipment

Are you neglecting your Electric Power Transformers
and your Offshore Hydraulic Equipment and Systems?

If so, then it’s time to get with the Process,
The GlobeCore Process!
Here at GlobeCore we are committed to serving the
Offshore Drilling and Power Industries with "State of the Art"
Fluid and Oil Processing Equipment Certified for the demanding
Marine Environment.
Learn how your company can benefit
from the GlobeCore Process:
  • Reduce need to buy and transport oil
  • Restore oil & fluid to new like condition
  • No used oil storage and disposal costs
  • Saves the Environment from oil waste and spillage

No more Fish Stories. Just the facts!

let us call you back:


  • How to connect the system?
    Our experts take care of the product even after it leaves the factory! We will come for a visit to connect the unit, set it up and train your operators!

  • Can your oil be regenerated?
    That is easy to find out, since you can give us a sample of the oil to regenerate, which we will run through our testbed system. This will give us a definite answer.

  • Want to see how well it works?
    See below:
    That is transformer oil before and after processing by CMM-R system.

Reasons to choose our product

German quality

Fast production

Stock equipment
available from

Up to 30% budget

Flexible discounts

Service centers on
four continents

Shipment protection

Anti-corrosion and
protective coatings

Worldwide sorbent
change service. Optional
equipment for used sorbent reactivation

Our offices:

The manufacturer

GlobeCore is a large multi-centered company, which has been actively working in the international marker for over 10 years. During this time the company has significantly expanded its production capabilities, the product line and the global dealer network. We carefully listen to the inquieries of our clients to provide the best service.

Over 250 administration, engineering and manufacturing world class specialists are employed by the company. We are always open to accept the new tendencies of the world economy and technologies. The result is hundreds of units produces annualy and client satisfaction.

New ideas and processes are always welcome at out company. We constantly present our products at various expos and tradeshows and we are quite a sponge for novelties and trends. This approach allows us to effectively streamline our production, manufacture environmentally friendly products and keep our clients satisfied.



HARRISON A. McCOY, III, Hawaiian Islands:

"We have been observing operation of GlobeCore for many years: these guys really do make outstanding equipment for transformer oil regeneration in the field. Transformer’s can be services without the need to shut them down. 1 micron filtration and drying to 2 ppm are really impressive"


Yaser Ahmadi, Engineer at Electrical Company, Asia:

Professional solution to the problem of transformer oil purification, filtration and degassing is the products of GlobeCore. I recommend looking into the company’s offers.


Mr Janaki Ram, India:

Los resultados de purificación y aclaramiento de productos derivados de ptróleo son soprendentes. Ya hemos adquirido y vamos a continuar ampliando nuestro stock de las unidades UVR.”


Sr. Hector Guerrera,
La República Dominicana:

Durante las pruebas de equipamiento fabricado por Globecore fuimos impresionados por los altos estándares tecnológicos de las sistemas y también por el alto profesionalismo de la plantilla de expertos de Globecore.

Thermal Vacuum Drying and Degassing of Transformer Oil

Additionally, the service life of the dielectric fluid is extended and financial expenditures are reduced.

Modern vacuum drying and degassing, enhanced by heating are the most economic methods to remove dissolved moisture and gasses from transformer oil.

The quality of oil processing depends on many factors that include:

  • the superficial tension of oil;
  • time of vacuum processing;
  • the residual pressure in the vacuum chamber; and
  • the oil’s temperature.

The thermal vacuum treatment is realized by supplying warmed up product to a special vacuum chamber.  Inside this chamber oil is kept for a certain period of time to intensify the discharging of a steam gas mixture that is evacuated by a vacuum system. In fact, such systems include much additional equipment necessary to ensure proper, efficient and safe operation.

There are different ways to deliver a product to a vacuum chamber.  For example, injection nozzles may be used.  Such an approach is used mainly if there are no rigid requirements for the output performance of oil.

Generally, the use of injection nozzles is not desirable since it requires multiple approaches to producing oil of the desired quality.

The application of rashig rings resembles the oil spraying.  The main difficulty is to ensure an even distribution of an oil film on the surface of the rings.

Centrifuging with vacuumizing is a method best suited for heavy oil,  but if the oil product has a high viscosity level, it becomes difficult to get good performance from the oil.

The technical execution of centrifuges does not allow for the removal of dissolved moisture, gasses, and impurities of a small size.  The oil therefore, will require additional treatment.  Foam nozzles may be used to supply the product to a vacuum chamber.

GlobeCore produces high vacuum degassing equipment for the prurifcation of  transformer oil. This equipment may be used when mounting, repairing and operating electric power transformers. GlobeCore equipment is easy to use and operationally reliable.  It can restore the oil’s performance characteristics in one pass through the processing system.

Transformer Damage and Oil Regeneration/Oil Reclamation

An electric power transformer Damage is one of the most important elements of the modern electric grid no matter where in the world a particula grid may be located.  Transformer failures result in significant financial expenditures, and will require the transmission company to buy new transforners or repair the damaged ones at significant cost and service interuptions.

Many historians note that there was great industrial boom observed in the first decade followintg the end of World War II.  At that time, there was a rapid increase in electric power consumption.  To meet the growing demand for electric power, new transformers had to constantly be put into operation.  Since that time, mant of the older transformers have become outdated and pose a big risk of unscheduled service interuptions.

Older transformers’ obsolescence however, is not the only problem facing the modern power grids.  The power loads on the obsolete transformers are increasing because of ever increasing power consumption.  It requires significant expenditures to replace the broken or obsolete transformer since the price for a new transformer is very high.

It is therefore, advisable to take measures to extend the service life of transformers already in service.  To succeed in undertaking a sucessful preventive maintenance program, one should understand the nature of the failures that make transformers unserviceable in the first place.

In 2003, the International Association of Engineering Insurers (IMIA) started to explore the reasons for transformer failures servicing the combined USA power grids.  The results were rather interesting.  Table 1 shows the economic losses caused by different types of transformer failures.

Table 1

Economical Losses Caused by Different Transformer failures

Nature of Failure

Amount of Cases

Economical Loss in $

Insulation defects



Problems with designing, material or installation



Unknown failures



Oil contamination









Network overvoltage



Operational failures



Water ingress



Poor contacts



Lightning stroke



Insulation moistening



In total



It is not an overstatement to say that if proper and timely preventive maintenance of the insulating systems is performed, many, if not all transformer failures can be prevented.  The insulating system of the power transformer consists of bith solid and liquid insulation.  The solid insulation is made of hygroscopic material (cellulose) also known as “Kraft Paper.”  The liquid insulation features a dielectric fluid known as transformer insulating oil.  In general, these two kinds of insulation are interdependent, but also help to contaminate each because degradation products from the solid insulation may get into oil and oil oxidation sludges may penetrate into the solid insulation from the oil.  Simply changing the transformer oil therefore, will not completely resolve the problem of restoring and cleaning the entire insulation system.  Unfortunatelt, oxidation products are accumulated in the cellulose insulation and are not removed when oil is simply changed.  And when only an oil changed is performed, these oxidation products will migrate get into new oil accelerating the aging process of the new oil and shortening its effective service life.  Additionally, the contamination that remains in the solid insulation will continue to degrade and damage the Kraft Paper leading to transformer failure.

This problem may be solved with the advanced GlobeCore regeneration technologies.  The GlobeCore mobile oil recycling stations, designated as the CMM-R line of equipment may be connected to either an energized or non-energized transformer.  In such a way, oil is circulated through a closed path: used oil flows to the oil treatment station and goes back to the transformer being cleaned and restored.  The contaminants resulting from the aging process are washed out due to the constant circulation. This advanced type of equipment performs a complete oil regeneration service and removes all contamination for the transformer core, windings and solid insulation.

GlobeCore mobile oil stations perform  the following operations:

  1. filtration with or without heating (processed oil is of 9th ISO 4406 purity class and with nominal filtration fineness, ranging from 0.5…1 micron);
  2. dehydration (the moisture content of the processed oil is no more than 5 g/t (5ppm);
  3. degassing (volumetric gas content of the processed oil is no more than 0.1 %);
  4. increase the dielectric breakdown voltage (no less than  70 kV (kilovolt));
  5. drying of electrical equipment and oil purification simultaneously;
  6. regenerate insulating oil, using bleaching clay;
  7. vacuum transformers and other electrical equipment;
  8. remove acids;
  9. remove soluble oil decomposition products;
  10. lighten insulating oil; and
  11. restore oxidation and gasification stability;

The GlоbeCоre technologies provide for service life extension of transformers and reduction of financial expenditures on maintenance.  Save money with GlоbeCоre!