Differences in Oil Filtration Equipment

Difference in Oil Filtration Equipment: Oil that is used in Electric Power Transformers requires periodic purification that includes a degassing and dehydration process.  The filtering and purification process is mainly concerned with the removal of solid particulate matter, sludge and moisture from the oil. Equipment used for filtration, purification, degassing and regeneration of transformer oils are some of the most widespread types of equipment in use today for the restoration of used and contaminated oils, fluids and fuels.  Having a quality oil filtration system incorporated into your equipment will extend the life of your machine and improve its overall efficiency, thereby saving you time and money. Oil Purification Equipment of CMM Series Capacity is from 1 v3/h to 10 m3/h. UVM 3 This GlobeCore mobile oil processing unit is designed for degassing, removal of solids, thermal vacuum drying and heating of oil for power transformers with voltage up to 1150 kV.  Capacity is from 1 v3/h to 10 m3/h using Oils with a viscosity of no more than 70 cSt at +50С. (+122F) CMM-M Mobile Oil Units are capable of the following results and tasks: – Water/Moisture removal (Drying) to less than 10 ppm moisture content; – Degassing to less than 0.1% volumetric gas content; – Increasing oil breakdown voltage to 70 kV; – Drying of electrical equipment while purifying the oil; – Initial filling of electrical equipment with insulating oil; – Nitrogenation of transformer oil; – Pulling vacuum on transformers and other electrical equipment. Oil Purification Equipment of CMM series Capacity form -16 v3/h to 6 m3/h.
Oil filtration from mechanical impurities and thermo vacuum drying

Oil filtration from mechanical impurities and thermo vacuum drying

The GlobeCore CMM Oil Unit is designed for removal of solids and moisture from electric insulating oil with a viscosity of no more than 70 cSt at +50С (+122F).  The unit is used during transformer installation and for repairs and operation of oil filled high voltage equipment (power transformers, high voltage switches etc).  The unit may be used for the heating of oil filled electric systems with hot oil, for vacuum drying of transformers and for vacuumizing.  The unit can be used by installer crews, repair crews and operating crews performing all tasks related to the handling of transformer oil.  The unit is assembled on a frame that fully supports the unit’s components that include: input and output oil pumps, electric control cabinet, vacuum chamber, coarse and fine cartridge filters, vacuum pump and pipelines with valves. Oil Regeneration Unit CMM-R series (Using a “Fuller’s Earth” sorbent filtering and purifying system) The CMM-R Series Mobile Oil Regeneration Units are designed to extend  the service life of transformers by restoration of dielectric strength and chemical composition of electric insulating oil.  Using the GlobeCore Process of oil regeneration, the unit removes acids, particulate matter, sludge, water/moisture and other contaminates from the oil, the core, and the insulating paper.   Additionally, the process improves oil color, increases its resistance to oxidation and lowers gas solubility.  The GlobeCore CMM-R units combine “Oil Purification” and “Oil Regeneration” into one simple and efficient process known as the “Two for One Engineering Miracle.”  The GlobeCore Regeneration Units are the most complete and cost effective transformer corrective maintenance systems anywhere in the world today. Capacity of the CMM-R units is defined by two parameters: Liters Per Hour (L.P.H.) rate and the amount of oil in liters passed through the Fuller’s Earth.  Approximate volume of regenerated oil is 4 liters per 1 kg of Fuller’s earth at acid number 0.2mg KOH/g. The amount of oil treated per 1 kg of Fuller’s Earth increases proportionally to the decrease of the acid number.