GlobeCore Presented Transformer Oil Regeneration Technology in Kyrgyzstan

December 7-11, 2015 GlobeCore visited Kyrgyzstan (cities Bishkek and Osh), and held technical presentations for members of Kyrgyz power industry.  

The attention was focused on regeneration of insulating oil  and extending service life and reliability of power transformers. GlobeCore has a unique technology (CMM-R and UVR units) that restores oil to its original conditions.

After changing oil in transformer the contaminants still remaining in the windings of transformer hold 15%. This remnant  accelerates aging of  new oil.  CMM-R unit regenerating  insulating liquid directly in the transformer has an undoubted advantage. When  regeneration equipment is connected to  transformer it creates a closed loop of oil circulation: contaminated insulation liquid goes into the unit, and purified – back into the transformer.

Due to the flow of oil – the residues, which are normally  left in  transformer during conventional replacing,  are now removed into regeneration unit. Thus, insulating liquid is completely cleaned and restored.

The use of GlobeCore regeneration technologies enables to:

  • protect the solid insulation of power transformers;
  • process oil on site;
  • protect oil from contact with  air;
  • increase resistance oil to oxidation.
  • saving expenses with only a single operator controlling the process;
  • saving costs on disposal of waste and purchase of a new oil;

CMM-R unit consists of several blocks, it can perform only degassing of transformer oil, if necessary. The regeneration block uses a natural sorbent – Fuller’s earth, which can be reactivated (its properties restored) during equipment operation. The service life of this sorbent is 300 reactivations, equivalent to 2-3 years of operation.

Traditionally, after presentation representatives of GlobeCore demonstrated capabilities of regenerative technology in practice – on a  laboratory version of  UVR unit.


Table 1 shows results of physico-chemical analysis of transformer oil before and after regeneration in a laboratory UVR model .

Table 1

The results of physico-chemical analysis of transformer oil before and
after regeneration in a laboratory model of UVR unit.




Rated Values

Oil Analysis Results
for clean dry oil for used oil before regeneration

after regeneration

1 Dielectric strength not less 15-35 kV


25 10


2 Effect of the aqueous extract


0,03 0,077


3 Acid number, mg KOH/g


0,25 0,26


4 Flash point, ºС


135 153


5 Color


yellow dark-yellow


6 Mechanical impurities




7 Moisture content, g/t


absent 106,7


The laboratory, that conducted the analysis, proved transformer oil functional and acceptable for further use (meeting the norms of Kyrgyz Republic). It should be reminded that these results were obtained with laboratory equipment that has limited capacities. When using commercial units, the parameters of processed oil can be improved even more.

GlobeCore thanks its Kyrgyz counterparts for their help in organizing presentations and  showing interest towards many products.