GlobeCore CMM-1 VACUUM DEGASSING SYSTEM.This is the most cost effective oil purification system in the industry today. It is small in size, but large in performance and function!

The GlobeCore CMM-1 Oil Purification unit has been constructed for degassing, drying, and filtering of dielectric transformer oil. It is also used for the heating of transformer oil. It can also be used on other oil filled electric devices. OIL PURIFIER CMM-1 Oil purifier with degassingUVM-1 The unit is set on a metal platform. The doors and roof are made of metal and are coated with powder covering for the maximum protection against environmental influences. – Degassing mode – 1 m3/h – Heating and filtration mode -3 m3/h TRANSFORMER OIL VALUES AFTER PURIFICATION The volumetric gas content– 0.1 % The moisture content g/t -5 The filtration degree – down to 5 microns The puncture- 70 KV The industrial purity grade is based on ISO 4406 Dimensions: Length1625 mm, Height 1450 mm, Width 1250 mm Weight: 700 kg/1,547lbs. OIL PURIFIER COMPONENT PARTS: 1. Inlet piping 2. Mesh wire filter. The filtration fineness – 100 microns. 3. Inlet centrifugal pump for oil feeding. 4. Coarse filter – 25 microns 5. Vacuum column. It contains the coagulators for instant boiling of water and gases. There is also a foam sensor and a valve for foam relief. 6. Centrifugal outlet pump. 7. Fine filter with filtration fineness 5 microns. 8. Vacuum system consists of rotary pump with capacity 100m3/h. 9. Oil trap to protect pump from oil. 10. Outlet pipe. TIPICAL FLOW DIAGRAM OF THE PURIFIER CMM-1


Figure 2. Typical Flow Diagram СV – Vacuum Chamber; P1 – P2 – Oil Pumps; K1 – K12 – Ball Valves; K2 – Vacuum Valve, MN – Oil Heater; ВV– Back Valve; F1, F2 – Fine Filter; М1, М2, М3– Manometers; ТP – Temperature Sensor; ТS – Thermostat; RF – Flow relay; EV1- EV6 – Electromagnetic Valves; VG1 , VG2 – Vacuum Relay; L1 – L4– Level Sensors; VP1, VP2 – Vacuum Pumps; РF – Mesh Filter; R – Oil Trap, RP– Pressure Relay. This article was written by: Helen Galchenko, Sales manager
Helen Galchenko, sales manager of GlobeCore

Helen Galchenko, Sales manager of GlobeCore