How to Improve the Operational Reliability of Electric Power Transformers

In improving transformer service life and reliability, it is very helpful to use GlobeCore oil regeneration technology when servicing transformers.  The reliability and cost-effectiveness of electrical grids are mainly determined by the condition of electric power transformers.  Failed and malfunctioning transformers  will lead  to great losses and unscheduled power outages.  Unscheduled outages however, can be reduced and/or avoided with the proper preventive maintenance program. The following is the definition of the term “transformer reliability.”  In general, it means the smooth operation of equipment under a set of conditions and during a specific period of time with no technical characteristics changed and no outages and/or failures. The most rigid requirements are assigned to the high power transformers that interact with generators.  The failure of a small power transformer is not as critical since it is easily reserved. Generally, the operation of power transformers is affected by external factors as well as unusual events on the power grid.  The main factors that influence transformer operation include: Lightning and Switching Overvoltages.  These events can cause failures of the main core especially if the insulation system has been weakend and the dielectrical strength of the insulting oil has been reduced due to a lack of timely maintenance. Increase of Operating Voltage.  An increase of operating voltage leads to the heating of structural parts of the transformer’s core that includes copper and steel.  It may be also dangerous to the parts that come into contact with the copper and steel parts. Short Circuit Currents.  If the transformer’s windings are dynamically unstable, the effect of a short circuit can lead to undesirable deformations of the core. Current Overload. This phenomenon is considered to have the most powerful impact on the operational reliability of electric power transformers.  It is significantly intensified as the insulation age and preventive maintenance has been lacking.  Therefore, it is desirable to slow down the aging process of the transformer’s insulating system to improve its operational reliability. The factors that contribute to the degradation of transformer oil include: (1) high temperatures; (2) oxidation; and (3) penetration of different impurities such as water, gasses and acids. It is therefore, desirable to use GlobeCore transformer oil purification units to prolong the service life of electric power transformers. The timely use of GlobeCore technology is essential for the prevention of irreversible system failures and for the preventive maintenance of dielectric transformer insulating oil. When the GlobeCore Process is used in maintaining your electric power transformers, the reliability is greatly improved and the insulating oil will continue to be used saving you money while extending the service life of your equipment.