Oil Processing Equipment Repair Services

GlobeCore offers repair services for oil purification, degassing, regeneration equipment and transformer servicing equipment.

What can we do?

GlobeCore offers a wide range of services, such as:
  • periodic or unscheduled diagnostic of the equipment;
  • advice on servicing and repairing the equipment;
  • repair or replacement of equipment components if needed;
  • startup and commissioning; and
  • training of personnel.
These services are provided both for our own products and for products of other manufacturers.  With GlobeCore you will not need to search for specialists for each new transformer oil purification, degassing and regeneration machine repair or service job.  The company offers both one time service and long-term service contracts.  In the latter case, your  equipment will be under full control of the highly qualified specialists of our company, who will ensure its stable and reliable operation|.

GlobeCore offers two options for repair and service operations:

  • Consulting.  In this case, GlobeCore remotely assists your company staff;
  • Onsite repair of equipment by our professionals.  If this option is selected, you can call on our professionals to visit and repair oil purification, degassing or regeneration systems and transformer service equipment no matter how complicated the problem is.
GlobeCore means confidence in the reliability of your equipment operation!