An Invitation from GlobeCore to Attend China International Electric Power Exhibition

GlobeCore invites you to visit the 19th China International Electric Power & Electric Engineering and Smart Grid Exhibition, to be held on 21-22 April in Shanghai.  

Last year’s exhibition had 1043 exhibitors from 45 countries. The combined area of the event exceeded 46500 square meters. The exhibition was attended by over 27000 people in three days. This year’s event will likely attract as much, if not more, attention.

GlobeCore GmbH, together with partner company Shenyang Pure Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd prepared a separate stand (4-168). We will be presenting a 6 cubic meters per hour CMM type unit for purification and degassing of electrical insulating oils.

Receive more information, contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] (Guo Yu).

For more information on participating and visiting the exhibition, visit