CMM-0.6 Units Are Now Available in the Transformer Oil Degassing Equipment Market!

At the end of December 2015, GlobeCore fully completed all the work on the development, production and testing of the new CMM-0.6 oil degassing unit. This CMM-0.6 unit has been designed and produced taking into account the demand for low cost, highly efficient units, intended for degassing dielectric transformer insulating oil. The CMM-0.6 unit can be used for pumping, heating, and degassing of dielectric insulating oil, as well as removing mechanical impurities and moisture.  The processing capacity of the unit is 0.6 m3/hour. The CMM-0.6 unit has a quite simple design that consists of the vacuum column, ceramic heater, liquid pump, vacuum pump, and filtering system with replaceable cartridges. After processing  transformer oil  with our equipment, you can obtain the following results:
  • breakdown voltage not less than 60 kV (for the oil that has not been in use);
  • moisture content of not more than 10 g/t. If there are more stringent requirements for this value, it may be improved by increasing the number of oil processing cycles; and
  • volumetric gas content of not more than 0.1% over several oil processing cycles.
The GlobeCore CMM-0.6 unit is easy to maintain and operate, silent and can be powered through a conventional 220V electrical outlet.

Technical Specifications of CMM-0.6 Degassing Unit


Parameter Description


1 Efficiency, m3/hour


2 Power supply (AC 50Hz, V)


3 Rated input power, kW


4 Pre-filter, micron


5 Degree of filtration, microns


6 Cleanliness level after processing (as per ISO 4406)


7 Oil breakdown voltage after one cycle of processing not less, kV


8 Outside dimensions (excl.hoses) not more, mm
— length


— width


— height


9 Weight (without oil) not more, kg


* – any voltage available at customer’s request; ** – provided that the processed oil has not been in use. The equipment has protection against formation of foam and oil spillage. Temperature control is carried out by means of a special regulator. You can order the CMM-0.6 unit right now. In case you are not satisfied with some of the technical parameters of the equipment, you can contact one of our managers, and then fill out a questionnaire, indicating all the necessary technical requirements that would meet your specific needs.