The CMM-10-10 unit was put into operation in Egypt

January 13, this year, GlobeCore employees completed commissioning of an UVM-10-10 unit in Asyut (Egypt).

This equipment is used during installation, repair and operation of power transformers. CMM-10-10 degasses and cleans insulating oils and vacuumizes transformers. After treatment the oil moisture content  is below 5 ppm, and gas content is 0.1%.

In addition to transformers in city substations, CMM units successfully service transformers on ships, offshore drilling platforms for wind turbines, and so on.

A CMM unit has additional options:

  • an extra vacuum pump assembly for transformer vacuum treatment;
  • automatic productivity control;
  • insulating oil level monitoring system in transformer;
  • full automation and remote control and process monitoring via smart phone or PC
  • particle counter according to ISO 4406;
  • inlet and/or outlet moisture meters for the oil stream;
  • flow meters.