CMM-4/7 and CMM-12R installed and commissioned in Botswana

21-31 of May, GlobeCore team conducted a commissioning of 2 units in Botswana.

Now in Gaborone are operating 2 oil regeneration units – CMM-4/7 and CMM-12R. CMM-4/7 solves the problems of degassing, drying and cleaning from mechanical impurities of insulating oils. This unit heats oil before refilling 1150 kV power transformers with it, It also vacuum dries and evacuates transformers. The processing rate in degassing mode is 4 m3 / h, and in heating and filtration mode is 7 m3 / h.

CMM-12R is designed for processing insulating oils and for maintenance of transformers.

Processing of insulating oils includes:

  • Removal of dissolved gases in oil;
  • Removal of free and dissolved water;
  • Removal of solid particles;
  • Removal of oil decay products.

Transformer service includes:

  • Vacuum treatment  of  transformer;
  • Heating of transformer active parts with hot oil;
  • Removal of sludge.