CMM-4/7 Units to Service Wind Farm Transformers in Virginia, US

GlobeCore is  a member of American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and is a participant in many wind-power related projects.

In November one of American power generation companies contacted GlobeCore to rent two CMM-4/7 units, which were then shipped to Virginia to service wind farm transformers.

This type of equipment removes solves gas, solved and free water and particulate matter from transformer oil; it can also heat and pump the oil, poured into transformers and other electrical systems. Besides, the unit can be used for transformer vacuum drying and pulling vacuum on transformers.

The units are compact, mobile and reliable, which allows rapid servicing of transformers in remote wind farm locations.

Depending on the objectives and operating conditions, the CMM-4/7 have the following design options:

  • insulated container;
  • metal container;
  • on wheels;
  • on trailer or semi-trailer.

To place an order or receive advice, please contact our managers from the Contacts tab.