d CMM-M plant commissioned in Pakistan in February - ! Equipment for Transformer Oil Reclamation. GlobeCore.

CMM-M plant commissioned in Pakistan in February

A CMM-M plant was successfully commissioned in Pakistan in February.

This country is sixth in the world in terms of population size. Hence the large electricity demand. Transformer are used for distribution and transmission of electric energy. To address the issue of transformer oil regeneration, one of the electric energy companies in Pakistan ordered a GlobeCore CMM-M plant.

Our company’s products already have a name in the international market: that same month an identical plant was commissioned in Saudi Arabia.

The CMM-M is designed for heating, vacuum treatment and filtration of transformer oil to remove gases and solid particles. Optional stationary or mobile design makes it versatile in operation. Transformer oil is purified in one cycle, and the parameters of oil, processed by GlobeCore plants, is fully compliant with international standards and requirements.