Commissioning of the GlobeCore Clean Marine Unit at the Offshore Drilling Platform

On July 5, 2015 GlobeCore Clean Marine  Unit (capacity 4m3/h) was commissioned on the offshore drilling platform, in 250 km from the seacoast of Nigeria. For many years, oil and gas have been considered to be the main source of energy.  The depletion of the existing deposits of mineral resources has prompted people to explore and develop new deposits, in particular deep-water ones. The methods of the offshore drilling, realized by special platforms are applied to explore new deposits.  There are different ways to serve these platforms with electricity, though the role of a transformer remains unchanged.  It transforms AC voltage not only for the needs of the staff but also for high-power electric rigs.  Efficient and uninterrupted operation of a drilling platform greatly depends on the transformers’ reliability. Clean Marine unit is designed for vacuumizing of the offshore transformers as well as purification of transformer oils from mechanical impurities, water and gasses. In additiion, GlobeCore equipment fully meets the needs of the offshore drilling: it is compact in size, mobile and explosion-proof. GlobeCore‘s Clean Marine equipment restores transformer oils to its new-like condition, thereby extending their service life. As a result it increases the electric reliability of the offshore drilling platforms, saves money on new oil purchase and waste oil disposal of. Clean Marine may be operated in one of the following modes:
  • transformer’s heating up;
  • oil’s degassing;
  • transformer’s vacuumizing.




Nederland Rotterdam, 22 januari 2007 Falck nutec op de maasvlkate. Her bedrijf verzorgd trainingen brandbestrijding , trainingen offshore , veiligheid , ehbo etc. Foto: Arie Kievit/