GlobeCore Equipment Presented in Baku and Gyandzha

On 12 through 16 October 2015, four presentations of GlobeCore oil processing and transformer maintenance products were held in the cities of Baku and Gyandzha, Azerbaijan. At the beginning of the presentations, GlobeCore’s manager spoke of the company’s history and addressed the issue of timely preventive and corrective maintenance of power transformers, and the purification and regeneration of transformer oil.  The GlobeCore speakers then presented the equipment built for the above purposes and incuded the “Sukhovey” and “Iney” vacuum units, as well as GlobeCore’s CMM-R, UVR, MCU, CMM lines of units. Purification and regeneration of transformer oil will significantly extend the service life of dielectric insulating oil, which inturn improves transformer reliability and increases transformer service life.  Such an approach makes it possible to reduce the need to buy new oil and eliminate the need to dispose of used oil. Towards the end of the presentations, all visitors had an opportunity to ask questions related to the operation of GlobeCore products.  This approach helped to allow the participants share their field experiences, and to  exchange ideas about new product design and capabilities and how to improve current products. GlobeCore greatly thanks our Azerbaijani friends and colleagues for their interest and assistance in holding these events.  Here at GlobeCore we hope for even greater cooperation and mutual benefits in the future.