GlobeCore has Begun to Produce an Improved Zeolite drying Model Oil Drying Unit

In December 2014 GlobeCore began to produce an improved model of its famous zeolite drying systems. 

Zeoilte is intended for dryng and purification of dielectric oils and removal of various unwanted and harmful substances, but it is mostly used for processing transformer oil.  At ambient temperatures, the zeolite’s pores are filled with water that evaporates when heated.  The ShSC-15B Zeolite Drying Unit is designed to solve this problem.

Compared to previous models, the new design is capable of:

(1) heating sorbent to 400 ºС/ 752 ºF;

(2) maintaining the set temperature automatically;

(3) improved sealing due to a screw lock;

(4) removing tray units from the oven that enables the operators to use this unit to warm up and/or harden material.

Additionally, the zeolite drying unit has a number of options that significantly enhance its operations.  The circulation fan provides even heating of the entire sorbent layer and a timer allows the operator to custom set the amount of drying time.

Famous zeolite drying systems.

Famous zeolite drying systems.

The zeolite drying unit may be fitted with a special element that heats up to 800ºC / 1472ºF  to meet the customer’s individual order and needs.  Additionally, the new system will greatly increase the amount of different applications the unit can be used on.

The special temperature control system in the oven prevents operators from getting burned. It will not give a signal to open the doors of the cabinet until it has cooled down enough to safely open the doors.

To order an improved model of the zeolite drying unit, please, contact the managers of GlobeCore and they will happy to assist you and your staff.