d GlobeCore Has Presented its Equipment in Armenia - ! Equipment for Transformer Oil Reclamation. GlobeCore.

GlobeCore Has Presented its Equipment in Armenia

In February, GlobeCore staff delivered another presentation on its equipment.

GlobeCore managers visited Yerevan in order to meet with representatives of the power industry in Armenia.  The peculiarities of equipment, designed to purify and regenerate transformer oil and maintain power transformers were the main topics of the lecture. All the questions arouse were satisfied.

After the samples of used oil were processed on the GlobeCore unit, the people present had no doubts that GlobeCore equipment was able to solve even the most complicated tasks. It is easy-to-use and eco-friendly, reduces operational costs and valuable raw material.

In general, both parties were very satisfied by the results of the meeting. GlobeCore has gained new experience communicating with specialists of the electric power industry and the representatives of Armenia have received a great possibility to solve the problems, accumulated for decades.