GlobeCore Holds Presentations In Saudi Arabia

On 16-27 December 2018, GlobeCore specialists visited Saudi Arabia.

The visit was dedicated to the issues of the Saudi electricity industry and efficiently addressing such problems. Specifically, GlobeCore equipment presentations were held in the cities of Jeddah, Medina, Jizan, Abha etc.

The structure of the presentations varied depending on the specialization of the company hosting the presentation. For instance, turbine operators were presented with regeneration of turbine oil using a laboratory version of the UVR system, while power transformer owners were shown a demonstration of electrical insulation oil regeneration.

Another topic for discussion was the use of water-fuel emulsions based on heavy oil in the power plants of Saudi Arabia. Note that GlobeCore makes the USB blending units which produce stable water-fuel emulsions. Combustion of these emulsions reduces the amount of harmful atmospheric emissions and saves fuel.

The participants of the presentations were also highly interested in regenerating transformer oil with Fuller’s earth, restoration of transformer oil in an energized transformer, degassing of cable oils, evacuation of transformer etc.

The presentations helped build a strong foundation for the cooperation between GlobeCore and the Saudi electrical energy companies, which is expected to yield results in 2019.