Guests from Ethiopia Visit the GlobeCore International Training Center in Oldenburg

On 14 November 2016 GlobeCore main office hosted visitors again.

This time, the visitors, interested in mineral oil and fuel treatment technologies, as well as efficient power transformer servicing, came from Ethiopia.

A GlobeCore specialist held a presentation for the guests, describing the capabilities of equipment designed for:

  • mineral oil filtration;
  • mineral oil degassing;
  • mineral oil regeneration;
  • fuel purification and clarification;
  • vacuum evaculation of power transformers;
  • drying of power transformer solid insulation etc.

The attendees were most interested in technologies which allow reuse of expensive oil products, which have lost their properties for certain reasons. Every country has environmental issues to address, and Ethiopia is no exception.

For instance, the technology implemented in UVR unit makes it possible to purify and clarify darkened petroleum fuels, which do not oxidize and darken again after the treatment.

The visit was concluded by a practical demonstration of GlobeCore equipment capabilities. The equipment is operated at the International Training Center which offers education to oil purification system operators.

GlobeCore expresses gratitude to the Ethiopian delegation for the new experience with the hopes for further fruitful cooperation. We are always happy to extend our hospitality to our guests!