Heating Oil

Heating oil is obtained from diesel fractions of direct distillation and of secondary origins.  Quite often there is confusion when heating oil is called “diesel oil” and vice versa. In fact, there are certain differences.  Firstly, heating oil is slightly heavier than diesel oil by its fractional composition, and, secondly, heating oil does not have standardized indicators such as cetane number and the iodine number.

Application of heating oil

In practice, the scope of use of heating oil is wide enough.  It is in great demand both for private consumers and small boiler plants, agricultural and industrial enterprises.  Heating oil is used in fluid boilers operated in premises of any type.

The popularity of heating oil is caused by its relatively low cost, which is dictated by the presence of large amount of organic compounds and impurities in comparison with purified diesel fuel.

The difference between dark and light heating oil

Dark and light heating oil have similar characteristics.  The main difference lies in different viscosity and combustion temperature.

Dark heating oil is in demand for small low-power heating systems.  Heat output of light heating oil is slightly higher, so it can be used in heat generators of crops drying systems, as well as high-performance boilers.

Lightening of dark heating oil

GlobeCore UVR-type plants are used for lightening of dark heating oil.  They allow to regain a market condition of the product, to remove extrinsic aromatics, water and mechanical impurities.

The advantages of UVR-type plants include:

  • The possibility of providing mobile services on cleaning dark heating oil.  The equipment can be easily loaded on a small truck and transported to destination;
  • Work not only with heating oil, but also with other oil products: gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, light mineral oils, etc.;
  • Possibility of operation in automatic or semi-automatic modes.  Constant presence of an operator is not required;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Easy transition from processing of one type of oil to another one.