Highlights of GlobeCore equipment

GlobeCore is one of the leading manufacturers of oil purification and regeneration equipment, as well as maintenance equipment for power transformers.

This article shows the benefits of GlobeCore equipment which brought the company to the top position in the world market.

What equipment does GlobeCore produce?

Absorption dryers are used for drying transformer oil. GlobeCore absorption dryers’ main advantage is the ability to use virtually any known sorbent: bauxite, zeolite or attapulgite in the absorption columns. This allows selecting the correct absorber to clean transformer oil, providing maximum quality of processing.

In-line oil heaters are used for starting power transformers in the cold time of the year or putting a transformer back in service after repairs. In fact, this equipment allows for safe startup of transformers.

Also, in-line oil heaters can be used for other tasks, such as indirect heating of various tanks (bitumen storage, etc.).

Oil filling and transportation unit is a tank filled with degassed and (or) dried insulating oil. It is convenient to use. Simply fill the tank with the required volume of insulating liquid, attach it to the vehicle and transport it to the transformer. The unit has manual or electrical pumps for easy use.

Equipment for thermo-vacuum drying of transformer oil. GlobeCore offers a series of light equipment, designed for filtering and thermal vacuum drying of insulating oils for 35 kV transformers. The choice of the right model will remove dissolved gases and moisture out of the oil in just a few cycles.

Mobile oil treatment unit. GlobeCore produces CMM-R mobile oil regeneration units for maintenance of power transformers. They are used for a wide range of practical tasks, among  them are: oil filling of new transformers and oil regeneration  in old transformers. Also, the equipment can be used for evacuation and flushing the windings with hot oil, followed by vacuum drying.

Stationary regeneration plants. UVR plants are the pride of GlobeCore. They use a unique oil purification technology with a special sorbent. This sorbent cleans and lightens mineral oil, diesel fuel, heating oil, gas condensates, etc. The resulting oil can be used as new oil or as an additive.

Vacuum and air drying systems. It is mandatory to evacuate air from a power transformer before start up. Therefore, no company involved in maintenance and repair of electrical power transformers can do without the BV vacuum systems.

Sukhovey” air drying unit fills the transformer tank with dry hot air to dry moisture out of the transformer winding. Also, “Sukhovey” is used when a transformer has been depressurized.

Iney” vacuum cold trap solves the problem of vacuum drying of transformers, and determines the degree of drying. The absence of condensed water in the trap indicates that the transformer does not contain moisture any more.

When the BV vacuum unit and “Iney” are used together,  vacuum oil is purified in the cold trap.

Benefits of GlobeCore equipment

Technical innovations of GlobeCore equipment are:

  • Band heaters allow for compact design, avoid overheating and ensure easy maintenance;
  • Rotary pumps eliminate hydraulic shock, with easy installation and quiet operation compared with gear pumps;
  • Filter versatility: changing filtration fineness is simple with quick and easy replacement of the filter in the unit;
  • Foam sensor in the vacuum column.

In addition, there is a number of options that are not included in the standard unit, but can be added at customer’s request:

  • Remote control of the equipment via a mobile phone;
  • Moisture sensors at the inlet and outlet of the unit;
  • Control of capacity (with a valve, variable speed controller, etc.);
  • Particle counter to determine the quality of oil filtration (in accordance with ISO 4406 international standard);
  • Explosion-proof models;
  • Oil level sensor that disables the unit if the oil level exceeds maximum and sends a signal to the mobile phone of the operator;
  • Thermal insulation, electroplating of trailers and high quality paint;
  • Oil spill alarm;
  • Full automatic operation.

Recent innovations of GlobeCore

GlobeCore is not standing still and is constantly improving the quality of equipment. Recent innovations include:

  • Modernization of the CMM-1 and CMM-2.2 models (they are now CMM-1H and CMM-2.2H) which operate on a single hydraulic circuit, have simple operation and are adapted for air transportation;
  • Trailers are designed with a lower axle, which improves maneuverability of the equipment on complicated areas between transformer sites;
  • Coagulators are made of fiberglass instead of polypropylene, thereby  a higher temperature up to 200 ° C could be achieved and maintained;
  • Control of capacity and performance in the whole range of the UVM line;
  • PLC minimizes the size of the control cabinet and promptly establishes the causes of possible problems.