An improved unit for drying and cleaning of atmospheric air “Mojave Heat-100”

In September, GlobeCore released another hot air drying unit “Mojave Heat-100”.

It is the most compact equipment in this range, which provides a more convenient operation and transportation. “Mojave Heat-100” is indispensable during installation, maintenance and repair of transformer tanks. The unit prevents  moisture getting into the electrical insulation by pumping hot dry air under pressure.

The adsorbent is regenerated directly in the equipment. Therefore, it does not require periodic unloading and loading. And avoids losses of zeolite during maintenance.

Technical characteristics of Mojave Heat-100

Parameters Value
1. Dry air capacity, m3 / min, min 1,7
2. Dry air max dew point, ° С 50
3. Dry air pressure, MPa / bar 0,018/0,18
4. Max dry air temperature, ° С 90±15
5. Adsorbent load, kg, max 190
6. Number of adsorbers, pcs. 1
7. Zeolite max regeneration temperature, ° С 430
8. Air heater power, kW, max 24
9. Power consumption, kW, max Air drying (normal mode) 1
Regeneration of adsorbent in the adso 25
Hot air input 25
10. Three-phase 50Hz, AC voltage, V 380
11. Temperature of hot air output for regeneration of adsorbent, ° С, max 430
12. Time for adsorbent  regeneration, hours 4
13. Fineness of dry air filtration, μm 5
14. Overall dimensions, mm, max: length 1350
width 800
height 1700
15. Weight, kg, max 550

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