CMM-4/7 portable oil degassing unit



    This GlobeCore mobile oil processing unit is designed for degassing1Transformer oil degassing is a complex of processes targeted at the removal of water, gasses, and mechanical impurities from the dielectric oil., removal of solids and heating2Oil heating is used for treatment of oil in degassing, drying and regeneration machines to accelerate the process. Dehydration is based on the difference of water and oil boiling points. Since water boiling point is lower, heating can evaporate that water from the oil before the boiling point of oil is achieved. of oil for power transformers3A transformer is a static electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits. with voltage up to 1,150 kV.

    The unit can be used to: (1) heat electrical systems that contain insulating oil4Insulating oil is an oil that is stable at high temperatures and has excellent electrical insulating properties. with hot oil; (2) for vacuum5A transformer is a static electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits. drying of transformers and (3) for vacuumizing6Vacuuming is carried out to remove moisture inside the transformer or to protect it from moisture.. The unit is best suited to facilities that install, repair and service oil filled electric power transformers and other oil filled electrical equipment.

    The unit is not certified for use in and around explosive gases, toxic gases or other aggressive environments.

    When indoors or other enclosed spaces, exhaust gases must be vented to the outside through hoses or pipelines.

    Parameters Value
    Capacity, m3/hour / gals. per hour:
    • degassing, nitrogenation, drying and filtration mode
    • heating and filtration mode
    Capacity adjustment range, m3/hour / gals. per hour: 0-4.0/0.0-1059.0
    Processed oil parameters*:
    • volumetric gas content %, max
    • mass moisture content, g/ton, max
    • ISO 4406 purity class
    • solid particle content, g/ton, max
    • filtration fineness, micron
    • dielectric strength, kV, min
    Oil temperature in heating mode, ºС/ ºF 90/194
    Filtration rate ≥50
    Outlet pressure, MPa 0.35
    Oil output head, meters/yards 35.0/38.3
    Oil heater power, kW 50
    Oil heater mean surface power, W/cm2, max 1.15
    Max power consumption, kW 60
    Electric power
    • voltage, V
    • AC frequency, Hz**
    Dimensions, mm/ft
    • length
    • height
    • width
    Weight, kg/lbs 1270/2,806.7

    Note: * initial oil parameters:

    • volumetric gas content – below 5%;
    • mass moisture content – below 01% (100 g/ton);
    • temperature – above 0 ºС/ 32 ºF.

    **All equipment sold in the USA is designed to operate on 60 Hz AC Power

    Mobile oil plant – GlobeCore


    • no need to use adsorbents to dehydrate transformer oil;
    • operation of equipment causes no air pollution or waste requiring storage and disposal;
    • easy to operate and maintain;
    • maximum oil specifications even after one treatment cycle;
    • low power consumption;
    • low noise level;
    • unit can be easily placed on a trailer and used on site.