Turbine Oil Purification Plant CMM 4T

The GlobeCore CMM 4T – Oil Purifier unit is designed for the removal of solid particles and free and dissolved water from industrial turbine oils.  Use of  “Raschig Rings” in the vacuum column makes it ideal for “on-line” and “off line” treatment of turbine oil.  The CMM 4T is offered as a stationary unit or can be mounted on castor wheels for better in shop mobility.  Optional equipment includes a flow meter with a totalizer and 1 micron fine oil filter.




 1 Production capacity, m3/h:  4
 2 Oil Temperature, °С  30-100
 3 Treated Oil Parameters:
– moisture content,ppm, (maximum) 10
– purity Class (ISO 4406), minimum 9 (-/15/12)
 4 Nominal Filtration Rate, mkm 5-20
 5 Outlet Pump Head, m 20
 6 Heater power consumption, kW, (maximum) 33
 7 Total power Consumption, kW 38
 8 Electrical Outlet Parameters 50/60 Hz, V 380/220
 9 Dimensions, mm, (maximum) length/width/height, mm 1600/1150/1820
 10 Weight, kg, (maximum)  1200