Transformer Oil Purification Plant CMM 2.2

  • Removes Water from 100 ppm down to 10 ppm and from 50 ppm to 5 ppm in a single pass (ASTM method D-1533)
  • Removes Particulate Matter to 5 microns as standard or down to 0.3 micron (optional)
  • Improves dielectric strength up to 75 kV

The GlobeCore CMM 2.2 unit is a medium range Oil Purifier designed for the removal of solid particles and free and dissolved water from transformer oil, lubricating oil, turbine oil and compressor oil.  Depending on customer’s requirements, the GlobeCore CMM 2.2 can process oil on a “tank to tank” basis or directly on energized or de-energized transformers.  The GlobeCore CMM 2.2 unit is available in trolley or roadworthy trailer mounted, semi-automated, fully automated (PLC controlled) and explosion proof versions.  Optional equipment include moisture probes, flow meter with totalizer and 0.3 micron fine oil filter.




 1 Production capacity, m3/h:
– thermo-vacuum mode  2.2
– heating and filtration mode  2.2
 2 Treated oil parameters:
– water content, ppm, maximum  5
– purity class  (ISO 4406), minimum  9 (-/15/12)
 3 Nominal filtration rate, mkm  0.3… 5
 4 Outlet oil temperature, °С  60
 5 Oil Pressure on outlet, Mpa, minimum  0.2
 6 Heater power consumption,kW, maximum  36
 7 Total Power Consumption, kW 42
 8 Electrical outlet parameters 50/60 Hz, V  380/220
 9 Dimensions, mm, maximum length/width/height, mm  1500/1050/1700
 10 Weight, kg, maximum  850


Vacuum Chamber CMM1 small

Indetification Key: 1 – cover; 2 – heating block cover; 3 – housing; 4 – coalescers; 5 – disperser; 6 – cover; 7 – heating element; 8 – measuring tube; 9 – temperature sensor; 10 – pipeline system; 11 – vacuum system connection; 12 – air inlet ; 13 – oil inlet; 14 – oil outlet; 15 – drainage; 16 – heater drainage; 17 – low level sensor;18 – high level sensor

Vacuum Chamber and Oil Heater
The Vacuum Chamber, Heating Vessel, and all internal parts are made of carbon steel and feature Coalescers, an Oil Level Controller and a Vacuum Gauge.  The Vacuum Chamber’s rigid design makes it suitable for stationary and mobile operation.  Industrial quality flexible connections are provided to both the outlet and inlet pumps to minimize the possible negative effects of vibration during plant operation and transportation.
Coalescers –  built-in coalescers are provided for the maximum exposure of oil to the effects of vacuum.  Due to reduced the pressure, dissolved water and gases are vaporized through the secondary chamber and filtered into the atmosphere.
A Coalescer Filter is installed between the Vacuum Chamber and the Vacuum Pump to ensure that no oil is drawn into the Vacuum Pump.
Vacuum Gauge – is provided to monitor the Vacuum level in the Vacuum Chamber.
Oil Level Controller – consists of two capacitive probes provided to maintain the required level of oil in the Vacuum Chamber.
36 kW Oil Heater has a two  stage heating facility with 18 kW of power each.  Low watt density heating elements (1.2 W/cm2) are used to prevent heat degradation of the oil.  The heater is controlled by an electronic temperature controller.

A Mesh Strainer is provided to remove large particles that could cause damage to the Inlet Pump.  A Coarse Filter for particles larger than 5 microns is installed at the entry port to the Vacuum Chamber.  Oil then receives its final treatment by passing through the Fine Filter designed to remove 99.9% of particles larger than 2 microns or with an optional 1 micron capability.

myasorubkaVacuum System
Rotary Vane Positive Displacement Pump
Pumping Speed 72 m3/h
Ultimate pressure 0.5 mbar
Globecore oil purification plant
Inlet and Outlet Oil Pumps
Two gear pumps with power consumption of 1.5 kW and capacity of 2.4 m3/h are utilized to draw oil in and out of the vacuum system. All electric motors are protected by overload detection devices.

Alarms and Interlocks
GlobeCore’s CMM plants feature the following safety devises that ensure simple and reliable operation and will safely shut down the system in case of any emergency situation:
High Level Sensor is interlocked with Inlet pump.  It will stop the Inlet Pump when oil is detected.
Low Level Sensor is interlocked with Outlet Pump.  It will stop the Outlet Pump when a low oil level is detected.
Flow Sensor only activates the Heater when oil flow is detected.  If the oil flow is interrupted during operation, a flow sensor will activate a sound and light alarm and will safely shut down the plant.
Overloads – all motors are protected by overload detection devices.
Alarms – A sound and light alarm, with silence button, will alert the plant’s operator of any emergency situations.

control_panelInstrumentation and Controls
The Control Panel is a dust proof enclosure to IP 54 featuring the following elements:
Manometers – are installed to monitor the state of Coarse and Fine Filters.
A Vacuum Meter is provided to monitor vacuum level in the chamber.
A Temperature controller  – receives input data from the temperature sensor and is connected to a control element of the heater.
Power and Heating Indicators and Switches, Oil Pump Switches and PLC with Mnemonic Diagram (optional).
Emergency Stop Button – is provided for safe shut down of the plant in case of emergency.

Certificate of Conformity


GlobeCore CMM 2.2 Flow Diagram


Identification Key: CV – vacuum column; Р1 – oil inlet pump; K10 – valve dn 40; Р2 – oil outlet pump; ТР1– thermostat; VP – vacuum pump;K1; K11 – valves Dn 25; K2 – three way valve Dn 20; K3-K9, K14 – valves Dn15;K12-K13 – valves dn20; LS – level sensors; R – moisture separator; B – vacuum gauge; М1, М2 – manometers; CL1– oil inlet ; CL2– oil outlet; PF– mesh filter; SV – return valve; FV– moisture separator; ; F1, F2 – cartridge filters

GlobeCore Fuller’s Earth Сartridges (ZP-260)
GlobeCore Fuller’s Earth systems are specially engineered to remove soluble contaminants such as acids, waxes, gums, resins, carbon residues and colloidal particles from transformer oil.  They are designed for oil polishing after purification.  For large quantities of oil, GlobeCore’s regeneration system is recommended.
Moisture Probe
The transmitter provides on-line transformer oil measurement of both the moisture content and the temperature.  The unit comes complete with a display showing the level of moisture in a “ppm” readout.
The “Influx Flotrack” flow meter gives a reading in m3/h and a totalizer shows the amount of total flow that has passed through the meter in a given amount of time.

Typical Oil Parameters after Treatment with Fuller’s Earth

 Parameter  Test Method  Before Reclamation  After Reclamation
Appearance  Visual Cloudy Brown  Clear and transparent
Acid Number, mg KOH/g  IEC 296; ASTM D-664  0,63 0,01
Corrosive Sulphur  ISO 5662;ASTM D-1275  Present Absent
Tangent delta at 90°C  IEC 247; ASTM D-924  4,0 0,001
Oxidation Stability, mg KOH/g  IEC 1125А;IEC 1125B; IP-307  –  0,2
Surface Tension at 25°C, mN/m  ISO 6295;ASTM D-2285  22  45

The GlobeCore CMM Units are mounted on a tandem axle trailer covered with a canvas canopy or enclosed by optional steel sidewalls with lift up doors

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