Laboratory Oil Purification Unit UVR-L (Lab)

UVR-L laboratory oil regeneration (oil reclamation) unit is designed to clean, lighten and restore the properties of waste oils with viscosity not less than 70 cSt at 20 ° C.

This equipment effectively works with the following oil products:

  • transformer oil;
  • industrial oil;
  • turbine oil;
  • heating oil;
  • diesel fuel;
  • gas condensate etc.

The UVR-L Laboratory Oil Purification unit is used for:

  • optimizing treatment techniques for used oils (oil reclamation);
  • testing the effectiveness of new adsorbents;
  • assessing the final purification, filtration rate, and amount of adsorbent used for processing oil product without using a large UVR  unit.

The design of the UVR-L unit for oil reclamation

Laboratory Oil Purification UVR-L unit consists of:

  • Oil regeneration pod;
  • frame;
  • vacuum pump;
  • control cabinet;
  • coalescing dryer;
  • piping.

Principle of oil reclamation operation

The pod is first filled with the required amount of regeneration powder then filled with oil. Then, heating is turned on.

Oil passes through regenerating powder and enters the vacuum chamber. The vacuum there is created by the vacuum pump. After regeneration, the oil is drained from the vacuum chamber through a special valve.

The regeneration pod is a vessel half filled with regenerating powder which regenerates the oil. The regenerating powder and oil are filled into the pod from the top through a lid.

The lower part of the pod consists of the rubber sleeve filled with regenerating powder, and the bottom lid, through which vacuum is pulled, oil pumped out and saturated sorbent removed.

The outer surface of the regeneration pod is wrapped with electrical heater tape with heat insulation.

Laboratory Oil Purification Unit UVR-L specifications

# Parameters Value
1 Oil Regeneration capacity, l / h:
transformer oil 3-5
turbine oil 3-5
industrial oil 2-4
dark heating oil 4-10
dark diesel 4-10
dark gas condensate 6-11
2 Consumption of regenerating powder % of oil mass:
transformer oil 3-17
turbine oil 3-17
industrial oil 3-17
dark heating oil 5-20
dark diesel 1-7
dark gas condensate 1-3
3 Weight of regenerating powder filling the pod, kg 3
4 Oil loss in % from the initial volume of oil:
transformer oil 3-5
turbine oil 3-5
industrial oil 3-5
dark heating oil 3-5
dark diesel 2-4
dark gas condensate 1-3
5 Heater power, kW 0,16
6 Nominal power, kW 1,0
7 Power supply voltage, three phase 50Hz AC, 380
8 Overall dimensions, mm: 1,0
length 500
width 550
height 750
10 Weight, kg not more than 65
Advantages of the UVR-L unit for oil reclamation:
  • compact size;
  • easy transportation;
  • connects to a normal power socket;
  • cleans oil samples on-site;
  • quiet operation.