transformer oil filling unit UVD-4M


The UVD vacuum filling unit is designed for preparation (degassing), storage, transportation and adding transformer oil in the height voltage ports of transformers and switches. This unit can be used on power plants, substation and other energy facilities.

Technical description of the equipment transformer oil filling


System UVD (Figure 1 ) consists of:
  • degassing block 1;
  • oil filling-up block 2;
  • vacuum pump 3.
All units have been constructed on the base.

Technical data

Technical specification

 Item  Parameter name   Value
1 Prepared oil quantity, dm3 30
2 Amount of oil in the filling device, dm3 4,0
3 Residual pressure in degassing block,Pa (mm Hg) 6.7 (5×10-²)
4 Pressure of feeding oil to bushing, MPa (kg/cm) 0.4(to…4)
5 Installed capacity, KW 0,25
6 Line voltage with frequency 50Hz, V 220
7 Dimensions, mm-         length-         width-         height 9007801500
8 Weight (without oil), kg 80
Degassing block 1 (figure2)- is hermetic cylindrical vessel, on the top of which there are neck for oil filling with hermetic cover, 2 ball valves, vacuum meter (-1…0 kgf/cm2). Valve K2 via collet connection, flexibly pipe and valve K1 is connected with vacuum pump. There is a silencer on valve K3.
globecore uvd shcheme oil filling unit

Technological diagram

Block of topping-up – is pneumatic cylinder with piston D 160mm. The block is constructed for oil taking from degassing block and delivering of dosed oil in bushing of transformers. Piston rotation is made via screw pair by means of wheel by hand. In the bottom of cylinder there is an oil dispensing unit, which consists of piping, ball valve and manometer vacuum gauge (-1…0…9 kgf/cm2). Block of topping-up – its quick- release and is connected to base with special screws. The design prevents contact of degassed oil with atmosphere air. The filling of topping-up block with degassed oil and creation pressure for topping-up of bushes is made with wheel rotation by hand. Topping-up of bushes is made from earth, length of pipe is not less than 7 meters. Vacuum pump 3 (sliding vane rotary pump 50810-235) is designed for evacuation in degassing block. A pump drive is from engine of single-phase power supply unit 220 V. Intake pipe of pump has a 3 –way valve K1,handle of which has 2 positions:
  1. valve connects vacuum pump with degassing block.
  2. valve connects vacuum pump with atmosphere (for letting-to-air in pump chamber under pump switching off). Operation principles of vacuum pump 50810-235 is set forth in section II of appendix B.
Control is on vacuum pump, model 50810-235.