The TSS transformer safety system is a reliable protection for online transformers

During oil  recovery and purification in power transformers , an emergency situations can happen,  that would require the equipment to be switched off and can lead to financial loss.

On the basis of this, GlobeCore manufactures safety system connecting oil filtration units to transformers (TSS). This equipment is used by enterprises that are engaged in operation, repair and maintenance of power transformers.

Oil filtration system is connected to a transformer through an  upper and lower gateway. Each gateway is equipped with an automated valve which in case of emergency of oil leak disables a transformer.

TSS  also includes the oil level sensor. The operator servicing the installation can set the oil value of the upper and lower levels. If oil reaches beyond these values the transformer shuts down.

Relief valve removes the air that had accumulated earlier  in the hoses, eliminating false alarms of transformer gas relay.

TSS (Transformer Safety System) connects  the following units  to  transformer:

  • transformer oil filtering equipment;
  • transformer oil degassing systems;
  • transformer oil drying units.

Protection System TSS:

  • Works independently with GlobeCore equipment, and with equipment of other manufacturers;
  • Works with transformers under voltage;
  • Works in conjunction with oil filtration and regeneration plants;
  • Quick in operation. With a skill it takes 5 minutes to connect;
  • Can be fitted with GSM-module, that allows to control the process by means of mobile communications;
  • Remote control is mounted at the plant itself (temporarily or permanently), or at special supports.

Complete set  of transformer security system TSS:

  • Two cross pieces gateways with valves;
  • The oil level sensor;
  • A set of cables;
  • Control cabinet.