“Mojave Heat” Hot Air Drying Unit Successfully Commissioned in Oman

On 17 December 2016, representatives from GlobeCore traveled to Oman to commission a new Mojave Heat Hot Air Drying unit.  The unit was successfully commissioned and is now in full operation in Oman.   The Mojave Heat is designed for drying the air inside an electric power transformer with temperatures up to +90ºC/194ºF, as well as cleaning the air by removing mechanical impurities.  The Mojave Heat can be used during installation and repair of power transformers.  In particular, the equipment is used for:
  • depressurization of power transformers;
  • draining the oil from power transformers; and
  • drying of small transformers up to 110 kV with dry hot air.
Furthermore, with this unit you can restore sorbents used in other equipment by processing them at temperatures between 400ºC and 430ºC/752ºF and 806ºF.  Mojave Heat units can also be used in the agriculture industry for drying grains, hay and other farm products. The automated model is operated via a touch-panel, by which you can set the required operating modes of the unit.  The flow rate of the air is adjusted by the help of frequency converters (one for each blower). The predetermined heating temperature is maintained through the PID-control. The use of automated controls in Mojave Heat units reduces energy consumption and labor costs as well as ensuring the integrity and airtightness of electrical equipment during installation and repair work. The equipment specifications are listed below. If you have any questions related to selection of the right Mojave Heat unit for your specific needs, you can always get expert advice from an engineer or manager at GlobeCore.