A New Shopping Cart for Businessman – Installations for Oil Reclamation

The main cause of breakdowns or contamination of engines is contamination of oil. Indicators of oil defects and pollution are calculated individually for each type of fuel. These include the number of mechanical impurities or water content, acid number, viscosity and so. The water content of 0.5% and 3% in fuel indicates of its emergency condition.

Electric power enterprises mainly use transformers and systems with a long service life. In transformer the wear out is not just an economic factor, but a cause of stoppage and costly repairs. Short circuits or electrical overstress is frequently caused by moisture, oxygen and exposure to high temperatures. These factors also destroy paper insulation inside transformer.

Transformer oil is an internal insulator, lubricant, a guarantor of strength and coolant for transformers. It also accumulates moisture and oxidation. Regular monitoring of oil allows avoiding repair and replacement of “damaged” oil.

An excellent solution in the world of modern technology is a complete regeneration of oil using different sorbents and further use of treated fuel.

One of today’s leading companies engaged in development of modern technological installations, is GlobeCore, which has an extensive experience with various oil installations, in particular the transformer oil reclamation systems and oil recovery.

Researches in economic use of fuel achieved some progress and continue to grow. GlobeCore is developing its renovating technologies, as a leader in the market of oil systems.

CMM-R (transformer oil recycling unit) provides treatment of oil directly in transformer that can be online.

Another advantage of GlobeCore plants in oil recovery is the use of special sorbent “Fuller’s earth.” The sorbent special property is its ability to be reactivated and reused after a full oil regeneration cycle. No other sorbents can give similar effect.

Among other advantages of CMM-R plants is their mobility. Oil recycling plant is mounted in a special metal container pulled by a trailer. Made to order, they are delivered to an enterprise and connected to a transformer. Installation has a control panel with technical indicators, as well as touch control panel. After setting the first program, the unit operates autonomously and does not require an operator.

CMM-R installation is universal it works with almost any liquid, without losing productivity.

Savings with oil recovery systems – are 100$ per one ton of regenerated motor oil.

How and when simple cars and modern technologies that generate revenue and reduce costs, stopped being a luxury item, and form an industrial shopping cart of any profit-oriented company.