Oil Reclamation is Not Only in Comic Books – X-Force to clean transformer oil

Reclamation of oil – is a partial or full recovery of its quality characteristics. Facilities of oil upgrading occupy a considerable niche in international market of industrial machinery.

At the moment when a company stops thinking about simply saving on salaries and purchase of low-quality raw material, it steps into a new area where it is possible to save more. Productivity of the company is determined not only and not so much by the number of cutting-edge technological equipment, but also, by control over operation, technical condition and reasonable exploitation of this equipment .

Recondition of transformer oil can be done in various ways. Among known methods of regeneration of used oils is treatment with strong mineral acids such as sulfuric acid followed by treatment with bleaching clays. This treatment results in 50% of oil loss that becomes acidic sludge. Besides recycling clay and acid sludge leads to environmental pollution, it is undesirable for ozone layer of the planet, as well as for company’s budget. Another way is to heat oil, distil water and light hydrocarbon fractions, process by polymethyl silicone solvents followed by vacuum distillation in a thin-film evaporator. Again, the main drawback of it is high cost of solvent, which, will subsequently be mixed with oil and will need to be isolated from oil.

There are several other methods of oil recovery, which are more suitable for laboratory experiments than for use in the enterprise.

GlobeCore suggests the most effective technical solution to transformer oil recycling. Custom made mobile units for cleaning and renovation of oil,

use sophisticated regenerating sorbent , which is connected directly to transformer, regenerates and processes oil in online and offline mode.

After recycling transformer oil in the transformer has a chemical composition and specifications the same as fresh degassed oil initially used in the transformer. After addition of inhibitor, oil has a high resistance to oxidation, and long service life.

Regenerative plant productivity largely depends on the state of transformer, initial acidity and amount of sludge in oil. Before connecting an oil cleaning system, samples should be taken to determine connection of transformer in online or offline mode. There could be a high gas content in oil, causing an emergency condition in transformer.

CMM-R from GlobeCore is equipped with a control system of basic parameters, individual programming of process, as well as a remote control panel.

Systems of oil treatment and recovery are actively used on all energy enterprises, industrial enterprises and power stations in various countries from Asia to Africa. They have a positive influence on technological progress that helps outdated bulky transformers increase their productivity and recoup the costs of their repairs.